Physical and chemical aspects of the study of clusters, nanostructures and nanomaterials
Founded at 2009

PhC-2023 Table Of Contents (progress control, not for publication)


Alemasova N.V., Bugorskaya D.I., Burkhovetskii V.V., Volkova G.K., Glazunova V.A., Zelenskii M.Yu., Savoskin M.V.
Graphite oxide: peculiarities of investigation of this material by physical methods — page 8

Anofriev V.A., Antonov A.S., Ivanov D.V., Semenova E.M., Ivanova A.I., Tretiakov S.A., Afanasiev M.S., Sdobnyakov N.Yu.
Formation pattern of fractal relief for nanosized molybdenum films — page 17

Bernatskii D.P., Pavlov V.G.
Determining the evaporation energies of alkali and alkaline earth metal atoms using field desorption — page 32

Bernatskii D.P., Pavlov V.G.
Field desorption of caesium and barium from graphen nanoclueters on the iridium surfaces — page 40

Bobreva L.A., Sidorov N.V., Palatnikov M.N., Gosteva A.N.
Investigation of the structural features of LiNbO3:Gd (0.002-0.26 wt.%) crystals by IR absorption spectra in the region of valence vibrations of hydrogen bonds — page 46

Bobreva L.A., Sidorov N.V., Palatnikov M.N., Pyatyshev A.Yu..
Features of the localization of dopping cations Tb3+ in a LiNbO3 crystal in the concentration range 0,1-2,21 wt.% — page 55

Bolshakova N.N., Druginina N.Yu., Ivanova A.I., Ivanov D.A., Semenova E.M.
Hysteresis properties of PIN-PMN-PT single-crystal solid solutions — page 64

Bukreev A.P., Muratova E.N., Moshnikov V.A.
Film irradiation of perovskite structures with charged particles — page 75

Efremov I.N., Masloboeva S.M., Biryukova I.V., Teplyakova N.A., Palatnikov M.N.
Investigation of acoustic, optical and photorefractive properties of multicrystals of lithium niobate doped with zinc in the area of concentrations of 5,38-9,0 mol.% Zn — page 85

Zigert A.D., Dunaeva G.G., Kuz`min N.B., Semenova E.M., Sdobnyakov N.Yu.
The fractal dimension behaviour of the domain patterns in ferrite-garnet films — page 98

Ivanov V.V., Malyshkina O.V., Kislova I.L., Ivanova A.I., Solnyshkin A.V.
Structural features and dielectric response of barium-strontium titanate ceramics — page 108

Klychkov N.A., Simakov V.V., Sinev I.S.
Temperature dependence of Cu:SnO2 film conductivity in air medium — page 119

Kozodaev D.A., Gagarina A.Yu., Spivak Yu..M., Moshnikov V.A.
Structures on heteroepitaxial layers of PbTe(111)-ON-Si with stepped submicron surface relief — page 127

Korolkov O.E., Stolyarov V.V.
Stress relaxation under tension by accompanyed current in ultrafine-grain titanium — page 135

Kramynin S.P., Zobov E.M., Zobov M.E.
On the possibility of decomposition of complex photoluminescence spectra — page 148

Lapin V.A., Kravtsov A.A., Suprunchuk V.E., Tarala L.V., Medyanik E.V., Malyavin F.F.
Synthesis and investigation of properties of composite ceramics LuAG: Ce / Al2O3 — page 157

Lyakhova M.B., Semenova E.M., Rakunov P.A., Karpenkov A.Yu., Sinkevich A.I., Fedorov M.V.
Hysteresis structure and magnetic properties of (R, Zr)(Co, Cu, Fe)Z (R = Sm, Gd) alloys — page 169

Mitchenko A.S., Malyshkina O.V., Guseva O.S., Ivanova A.I.
Stabilization of the dielectric properties of solid solution ceramics based on calcium–barium niobate — page 178

Molokanova O.O., Karmokov A.M., Molokanov O.A., Karmokov M.M., Khasanov A.I., Dyshekova A.Kh.
Fundamental absorption and band gap of glasses S87-2, S78-4, S78-5 — page 189

Staritsyn M.V., Kiselev D.A., Pronin V.P., Krushelnitsky A.N., Senkevich S.V., Kaptelov E.Yu., Pronin I.P.
Peculiarities of the microstructure and properties of thin spherolitic PZT films formed by a two-stage radiofrequency magnetron deposition method — page 196

Teplyakova N.A., Sidorov N.V., Palatnikov M.N.
Optical properties of double doped LiNbO3:Gd:Mg crystals — page 207

Teplyakova N.A., Sidorov N.V., Palatnikov M.N.
Features of the defect structure of a LiNbO3:Cu (0.015 wt.%) single crystal — page 215


Andre E., Tsirulev A.N.
Model of a three-qubit cluster in a thermal bath — page 223

Apekov A.M., Shebzukhova I.G.
Contribution of the dispersion interaction to the interface energy of cobalt crystals at the boundary with nonpolar organic liquids — page 231

Aref`eva L.P., Duka V.V., Drogan E.G.
Investigation of the morphology and topology of lamellar and grained pearlite from 1.1625 steel at the submicron level — page 239

Barabanova E.V., Kondratev S.E., Ivanova A.I.
Structure and dielectric properties of Ti-doped KNN ceramics — page 246

Belyaeva I.N., Korsunov N.I., Chekanov N.A., Chekanov A.N.
Semi-classical calculations of energy levels and wave functions of hamiltonian systems with one and several degrees of freedom based on the method of classical and quantum normal forms — page 255

Kul’kov V.G.
Contribution of grain boundaries with matching planes to internal friction — page 264

Magomedov R.A., Akhmedov E.N.
Calculation of CO2 P-ρ-T properties in the temperature range from T = 400 K to T = 1700 K — page 274

Tvardovskiy A.V.
Simulation of adsorbostriction in microporous adsorbents — page 282

Shebzukhova I.G., Aref`eva L.P.
Surface energy and electron work function for polimorphyc modifications of titanium — page 288

Shishulin A.V., Shishulina A.V.
Influence of the initial composition on the phase equilibria in the case of the solid phase separation in binary alloy nanoparticles (exemplifying on the W-Cr system) — page 299

Shishulin A.V., Shishulina A.V.
Several notes on the elastic properties of mesoporous materials — page 308

El Zanin A.R., Boroznin S.V., Zaporotskova I.V., Boroznina N.P., Kozhitov L.V., Popkova A.V.
About the possibility of applying empirical methods of estimation of standard enthalpies of formation of organic compound for fullerenes — page 317

Yurov V.M., Goncharenko V.I., Oleshko V.S.
Primary nanocracks in nitrides, borides, and carbides of refractory metals — page 328

Yurov V.M., Zhangozin K.N.
Surface thickness water and ethanol — page 338


Barbin N.M., Yakupova L.V., Terent’ev D.I.
Thermal stability of fullerenes from the C28-C50 series in a nitrogen atmosphere — page 350

Blinov A.V., Pirogov M.A., Gvozdenko A.A., Golik A.B., Rekhman Z.A., Kolodkin M.A., Filippov D.D.
Computer quantum-chemical modeling of the interaction of selenium nanoparticles with quaternary ammonium compounds — page 357

Gafner S.L.
To the problem of application of nanoclusters Ag-Cu in plasmonics — page 367

Gafner S.L., Redel L.V.
Evaluation of the structure and shape of the experimentally obtained Ag nanoparticles — page 377

Gafner Yu.Ya., Ryzhkova D.A., Gafner S.L., Cherepovskaya A.A.
Features of crystallization Ag-Au alloy nanocusters — page 387

Gafner Yu.Ya., Ryzhkova D.A.
Analysis of absorption processes on the surfaceof a nanocompacted gas sensor — page 395

Devitsky O.V.
Effect of bismuth content on the structural and electronic properties of GaAs1-yBiy: first principles calculations — page 404

Kartashynska E.S.
Conformation peculiarities of gemini surfactant monomers for 2D monolayer formation at the liquid/fluid interface — page 412

Klychkov N.A., Kurmasheva D.V., Simakov V.V., Sinev I.V.
Mathematical modeling the polycrystalline layers conductivity of wide-bandgap semiconductors during adsorption on their surface of gases-reducers in the presence of oxygen — page 424

Kolosov A.Yu., Savina K.G., Veresov S.A., Serov S.V., Sokolov D.N., Sdobnyakov N.Yu.
Scenarios of structure formation in four-component nanoparticles: atomistic simulation — page 432

Komarov P.V., Malyshev M.D.
Study of the effect of the ratio of epoxy resin and curing agent comonomers on mechanical properties of the system: mesoscale simulation — page 444

Kotomkin A.V., Orlov Yu..D.
Quantum-mechanical calculation of the structural and energetic characteristics of the fluorinealcanes — page 456

Kuznetsov Yu..A., Lapushkin M.N.
Ge adsorption on W(100): calculations — page 465

Kurbanova E.D., Belyakova R.M., Polukhin V.A.
Micro and nanosized materials with high entropy — page 472

Malysheva N.E., Dyakova E.V., Malyshkina O.V.
Simulation of the dielectric response of piezoelectric ceramics — page 481

Myasnichenko V.S., Ershov P.M., Veresov S.A., Bazulev A.N., Sdobnyakov N.Yu.
Size effect and structural transformations in ternar nanoparticles Tix-Al96-x-V4 — page 495

Nepsha N.I., Sokolov D.N., Mitinev E.S., Taktarov A.A., Sdobnyakov N.Yu.
Scenarios of structure formation in ternar nanoparticles based on Pd-Pt in the presence of dopant Ni — page 507

Polukhin V.A., Estemirova S. Kh., Kurbanova E.D., Belyakova R.M.
Nanosized high-entropic materials based on HEA, design principles and synthesis methods — page 520

Ryzhkova D.A.
Phase-change memory cells based on nanoparticles alloy Ag-Au — page 536

Savina K.G., Grigoryev R.E., Veselov A.D., Bogdanov S.S., Ershov P.M., Veresov S.A., Zorin D.R., Myasnichenko V.S., Sdobnyakov N.Yu.
The problem of obtaining crystaline phases during cooling binary nanoparticles Au-Co and Ti-V — page 543

Samsonov V.M., Talyzin I.V., Vasilyev S.A., Puitov V.V.
Surface melting in nanoparticles and nanosystems. 1. Regularities and mechanisms of surface melting of macroscopic phases and nanoparticles — page 554

Samsonov V.V., Vasilyev S.A., Talyzin I.V., Puitov V.V.
Surface melting in nanoparticles and nanosystems. 2. Scientific and nanotechnological aspects of the role of surface melting in nanoparticles and nanosystems — page 571

Sdobnyakov N.Yu., Kolosov A.Yu., Sokolov D.N., Savina K.G., Bazulev A.N., Veresov S.A., Serov S.V.
Complex approach to the simulation of melting and crystallization in five-component metallic nanoparticles: molecular dynamics and the Monte Carlo method — page 589

Sokolov D.N., Polev O.V., Myasnichenko V.S., Savina K.G., Sdobnyakov N.Yu.
On the structural stability of mono- and binary metallic nanocages — page 602

Cherepovskaya A.A., Ryzhkova D.A.
Computer simulation of structuring Ag-Cu nanoparticles — page 614


Ataeva A.Yu.
Dependence of the displacement of nanoparticles on channels in a jet bubbler — page 622

Belov A.N., Vostrov N.V., Pestov G.N., Solnyshkin A.V.
Features of the formation of an array of isolated polymer P(VDF-TrFE) nanoparticles in pores of a periodic nanostructured silicon oxide membrane — page 629

Belov A.N., Vostrov N.V., Pestov G.N., Solnyshkin A.V.
Planar jet printing of localized Ni/P(VDF-TrFE)/Ni structures for piezo- and pyroelectric matrixes — page 637

Bogdanova E.A., Skachkov V.M.
Study of the possibility of obtaining biocomosites based on nanoscale hydroxyapatite with metals and biogenic elements — page 649

Bogdanova E.A., Khonina T.G., Sabirzyanov N.A.
Investigation of transport properties hydroxyapatite and its derivatives — page 659

Bolotov A.N., Novikova O.O.
Experimental study of the fluidity of nanostructured magnetic fluid in a strong magnetic field — page 670

Bolotov A.N., Afanasieva L.E., Meshkov V.V.
Lubricant properties of nanodisperse magnetic oils based on novel technical liquids — page 679

Bolotov A.N., Novikova O.O.
Nanodimensional effect changes in the surface roughness of a magnetostriction nature — page 692

Gorshkov A.I., Gribanov E.N.
Features of the mechanism of formation of morphology of aluminosilicate films on aluminum substrate — page 701

Doroshenko A.E., Krut’ko V.K., Musskaya O.N., Dovnar A.I., Ostrowskaya O.B., Doroshenko Ye..M., Kulak A.I.
Phase composition and biocompatibility of calcium phosphate coatings on titanium enriched with hydroxyapatite — page 708

Zajogin A.P., Trinh N.H., Patapovich M.P.
Influence of the defocusing parameter of dual laser pulses on the possibility of designing thin-film cassensitive sensors — page 718

Ivanov Yu.F., Klopotov A.A., Shugurov V.V., Azhazha I.I., Petrikova E.A., Tolkachev O.S., Nikonenko A.V.
Amorphous-crystalline boron-containing coatings formed by the ion-plasma — page 725

Kislova I.L., Malyshkina O.V., Ivanova P.A., Ivanova A.I.
Production of barium-calcium-strontium niobate ceramics with optimal properties for practical application — page 736

Klychkov N.A., Simakov V.V., Efanova V.V., Sinev I.V.
Cross effect of isopropanol and ethanol vapor on the response of a semiconductor gas sensor — page 746

Malashenko V.V., Malashenko T.I.
Effect of nanoscale defects on inelastic processes in aged alloys — page 754

Maraeva E.V., Permiakov N.V., Moshnikov V.A.
The features of application of eutectic melts based on indium and gallium — page 760

Molchanov S.V., Tretyakov S.A., Ivanov A.M., Kaplunov I.A.
Effect of optical processing on the surface structure of paratellurite single crystals — page 777

Molchanov S.V., Tretyakov S.A., Kaplunov I.A., Ivanov A.M., Stepanov V.S., Tsvetkov V.P., Tsvetkov I.V., Mikheev S.A.
Micromorphology and fractal parameters of growth surfaces of single crystals of paratellurite — page 787

Ostroushko A.A., Vylkov A.I., Zhulanova T.Yu., Russkikh O.V., Tonkushina M.O., Beketov I.V.
Influence of nanoscale additives on the sintering temperature of aluminum oxide — page 799

Pan’kin N.A., Mishkin V.P.
Electronic microscopy of the surface of SCMnCr3 steel after electric spark treatment with a tungsten electrodeanode — page 807

Gafner Yu.Ya., Ryzhkova D.A.
Functioning features of the gas sensor based on SnO2 — page 814

Skachkov V.M.
Properties of diffusion-hardening composite solder modified with vanadium powder — page 823

Skachkov V.M., Pasechnik L.A., Medyankina I.S., Sabirzyanov N.A.
Changing the properties of diffusion-hardening solders hardened with titanium, zirconium, and hafnium powders — page 831

Stolyarov V.V.
Tribological aspects of nanostructured materials — page 840

Suliz K.V., Pervikov A.V.
Structural-phase states of the multicomponent alloy nanoparticles AlCuNiCoCrFe produced by of joint exploding wires — page 851

Suliz K.V., Sdobnyakov N.Yu.., Pervikov A.V.
Structural-phase states of the multicomponent alloy nanoparticles CoMoFeNiCu produce by of joint exploding wires — page 861

Tumarkina D.D., Butkovskii O.Ya., Bolachkov A.V., Burtsev A.A.
Surface topology of mixing entropy after two-pulse laser ablation of stainless steel — page 869

Shomakhov Z.V., Nalimova S.S., Rybina A.A., Buzovkin S.S., Kalazhokov Z.Kh., Moshnikov V.A.
Improving the sensor characteristics of binary and ternary oxide nanosystems — page 879

5. NANOCHEMISTRY — page 888

Belov D.V., Belyaev S.N., Yunin P.A., Nazarov A.A.
Formation of copper clusters in the process of biocorrosion of aluminum alloys by microscopic fungi — page 888

Bibanaeva S.A., Bogdanova E.A., Skachkov V.M.
Synthesis and investigation of functional characteristics of composite materials based on nanoscale hydroxyapatite and synthetic zeolites — page 913

Bibanaeva S.A., Skachkov V.M.
Sorption of heavy metals from aqueous solutions with synthetic zeolites — page 924

Blinov A.V., Golik A.B., Gvozdenko A.A., Kastarnova E.S., Orobets V.A., Yakovenko A.A., Bakholdina T.N.
Development of a biologically active nanosystem based on riboflavin, a microelement of copper and L-lysine amino acid — page 930

Blinova A.A., Kastarnova E.S., Pirogov M.A., Kuznetsov Ye..S., Leontiev P.S., Filippov D.D.
Determination of the optimal configuration of the molecular system «manganese silicate nanoparticles-an essential amino acid» — page 940

Golovanova O.A., Kiselev V.M.
Mathematical modeling of formation of nanocrystalline calcium oxalate under physiological conditions — page 950

Golovanova O.A., Tomashevsky I.A.
Synthesis of nanocrystal calcium carbonate from bile in the presence of amino acids — page 962

Zaritovskii A.N., Kotenko E.N., Grishchuk S.V., Glazunova V.A., Volkova G.K.
Synthesis of carbon nanomaterials by means of microwave-assisted catalytic pyrolysis of cellulose — page 973

Krut’ko V.K., Maslova L.Yu., Musskaya O.N., Kulak A.I.
Formation of biomimetic apatite on calcium phosphate foam ceramics in standard and carbonate-free model solutions — page 982

Menshikov S.Yu., Malyshev A.N., Kurmacheva V.S., Tonkushina M.O., Ostroushko A.A.
The effect of FeSO4 and nanocluster polyoxometalates on the oxidation of phenol persulfate in an alcohol medium — page 992

Musskaya O.N., Krut’ko V.K., Glazov I.E., Kulak A.I.
Liquid-phase synthesis of calcium phosphates in the presence of gallic acid — page 1000

Nalimova S.S., Shomakhov Z.V., Chuprova A.D., Guketlov A.M.
Synthesis and diagnostics of gas-sensitive nanostructures based on molybdenum compounds — page 1009

Ostroushko A.A., Tonkushina M.O., Zhulanova T.Yu., Kudyukov E.V., Golub A.Ya., Russkikh O.V.
Peculiarities of texture formation in strontium hexaferrite-based materials when produced from organic nitrate precursors — page 1017

Sviridova T.V., Yakubovskaya Z.A., Odzhaev V.B., Sviridov D.V.
Mechanism behind structural changes accompaning the solid-state polymerization in the molybdenumvanadium mixed oxide films — page 1029

Suprunchuk V.E.
Evaluation of the properties of the fucoidan/Fe3O4 nanocomposite as a transport agent of covalently bound molecular cargo — page 1039

Turovtsev V.V., Chernova E.M., Miroshnichenko E.A., Orlov Yu.D.
Effect of free valence on the electronic structure of n-alcohol radicals — page 1049

Khizhnyak S.D., Ivanova A.I., Volkova V.M., Barabanova E.V., Pakhomov P.M.
Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles. Complementary techniques for characterization — page 1059

Cherkesova N.V., Mustafaev G.A., Mustafaev A.G.
Gate dielectric nitrization and effect on changes in the density of interlayer states of MOS structures — page 1070

Shkrumeliak V.A., Golovanova O.A.
Synthesis and study of the structure of lanthanum (III) compounds and cerium (III) with aspartic acid 1080 — page 1080